Saudi Minister Blames Zionists for Golden Mosque Blasts

US kills Golden Mosque bomber who worked for Saddam before working for Al Qaeda.

The Saudi Arabian Minister of Culture and Information blamed Zionists for the Golden Mosque blasts in Samarra!

The famous Shiite Golden Mosque in Samarra: (Top left) In 2004 before Al Qaeda blew it up. (top right) After Al Qaeda blast in February 2006 (Bottom left and right) Pictures from June 13, 2007 after terrorists blew up the two remaining minarets.

Iranian Bazteb News carried this stunner on Saturday:

The Fatwa for the destruction of Shiite’s holy sites and shrines has been made up by the Zionists and enemies of Islam, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Culture and Information Iyad bin Amin Madani said.

According to FNA , speaking in a meeting with Iran’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia Seyed Mohammad Hosseini in Riyadh on Wednesday, Madani (pictured) warned that religious strife can prevail in all Islamic countries and called on all political and religious leaders as well as intellectuals to prevent such strife.

He said following the objections to the decree by Muslim scholars he has asked all Islamic jurisprudents, the chief Mufti, the Supreme Council of Muftis, the High Council of Judiciary and other religious scholars about the source of the fatwa, “but all of them expressed surprise and said they were not informed of such a decree.”

The Saudi official further underlined that if such a fatwa exists, “it is certainly a product of the Zionists and enemies of Islam.”

The Golden Mosque bombers were arrested in June 2006 and confessed to the terrorist attack on the shrine.

This latest Saudi story follows the news on Tuesday that Al Qaeda has infilitrated the Saudi military… Which followed the news that the US was planning on selling Saudi Arabia arms.

UPDATE: The US military reported today that they have killed a key terrorist behind the Golden Mosque bombings in 2006 and 2007. Haitham al-Badri was the leader of al-Qaeda in Salahuddin province. The BBC reported that the Iraqi government has always blamed Mr al-Badri for the February 2006 attack on the mosque.

Al-Badri was a former operative of Saddam Hussein’s government who conveniently found himself working with Al Qaeda after the fall of the Hussein government.
HERE is a list of other members of the Hussein governement who worked with Al Qaeda… HERE is an updated list.

MORE- The Associated Press does not mention that al-Badri was formerly employed by the Saddam government before finding work with Al-Qaeda.

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