Russian Communists Plan to Honor Chavez & Castro

The Russian communists may think the dictators in Cuba and Venezuela are super…

…But, the opposition members in Venezuela clearly oppose the latest move by the Marxist Chavez to obtain absolute power.

El Universal reported today that the Communist Party in Russia is planning on using pictures of Castro and Chavez in the upcoming elections:

The Russian Communist Party plans to use the pictures of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, Cuban ruler Fidel Castro, and Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko for the upcoming election campaign to the Duma, the Russian Chamber of Deputies, reported Tuesday communist leader Guennadi Ziuganov.

The party made such a decision because these persons are “the most successful leaders,” Ziuganov reasoned, Russian news agency Interfax quoted.

The Russian Communist Party has good chances in the election for Parliament next December, particularly in Siberia, said Ziuganov during a press conference in Novosibirsk.

It’s not clear what the Russians meant by “most successful.”
Maybe it has something to do with Hugo’s latest move to keep himself in power for the next 20 years.

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