Radical Islamists at Summit Call for Sharia Law & Global Caliphate (Video)

You’d think that a massive international conference calling for the end of Western Civilization might get a bit more media attention…

Radical British Muslim Imran Waheed was not able to attend the 2007 International Caliphate Conference in Jakarta yesterday. He was blocked from entering Indonesia by the authorities.

But, that did not stop this radical British Muslim from addressing the crowd of 100,000 radical Muslims via satellite.
And… He didn’t disappoint!


Here is radical Imran Waheed pushing for a United Muslim state (khilafah) and Sharia law in the West.
Imran Waheed’s speech – Khilafah Conference International

Imran Waheed speaks to the 2007 International Caliphate Conference :

“Where is the rule of law in Chechnya, Kashmir, or Palestine? The rule of law for them (the West) means the law of the jungle. The law for them is what they decide. They do not believe in the rule of law.

So all of these things are signs of what? These are signs of a civilization in decline. In their own societies their social fabric has completely broken down. And across the world there is chaos and instability and anarchy… My dear brothers and sisters I tell you this, that those Muslims in Britain and Muslims in the West, they stand with you side by side. They want the sharia. They want the khilafah. They want the rule of… They want the unification of our lands. They don’t want to live under occupation. They don’t want to live under the oppression of the dictators. They want the resources to be in the hands of Muslims and assets of those countries. And, they are beginning to wake up. And, even the non-Muslims of the West. Many of them, despite the propaganda campaign we are facing- the propaganda of the so-called War on Terror. Many non-Muslims have now started to accept Islam… and work towards its return to the system.

And even in the West, there are many non-Muslims who even though they are not into Islam they now realize the lies and propaganda of the governments.

…The Western civilization, they have states, they have leaders, they have armies. But still they have realized the position that this worldwide Islamic revival has reached. They realize that the desire for the khilafah, the sharia runs in the blood of Muslims… They realize that the return of the khilafah… is now a matter of time. And the actions that they are taking both in the Muslim world and in the West are desperate actions.

…My dear brothers and sisters, these are the actions of a weak state. Brothers and sisters, I conclude to you with this. I conclude to you with this. Definitely, the day is coming when sharia law and the khilafah will be established by permission… of Allah. Do not allow the propaganda and the hardship that you face to take you away from this work and submission. Because the steps to victory, the steps to the khilafah are becoming closer every day. And the work of the khilafah is nearing its conclusion. So join in this work and work with all your effort and work day and night like the West is working day and night to prevent you from establishing your state. You too, must also work day and night to establish your state…

Massive Hizb ut-Tahrir Caliphate Conference Opens in Jakarta- 100,000 Expected

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