Quake Aid Outrage: Hugo Plays Politics With Tuna Cans

A new low for Hugo…
Quake aid has stench of Chavez.

A Second Hand Conjecture has the latest on Hugo’s rotten tuna caper.

The labels’ text acclaimed the “solidarity” of Chavez and Humala with quake victims, while bemoaning the “looting, road blockages, desperation and chaos” in Peru, according to Expreso, which published a photo of a can and the text of a label.

El Universal has more on the tuna can clashes.
And, more HERE.


Garcia is a strong ally of the US while Humala is seen as a Chavez lackey:

Mr Garcia, a strong US ally, was elected president last year in a runoff against Ollanta Humala, an ex-colonel whom Garcia repeatedly branded a Chavez lackey, and whose image also appears on the divisive tuna tins.

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