PAKISTANI SUPERSTAR'S Song Against Terrorism- #1 on MTV

Earlier this month I posted the encouraging news on how 8 of the top 10 Pakistani music stars got together to voice their opposition to Islamic terrorism by releasing the song “We Are Not That”.

The song was No. 1 for four weeks on MTV:

This music hit has become a big success in Pakistan.
8 out of the 10 biggest Pakistani music stars participated in the project.
There have been 60,000-70,000 downloads which is an impressive figure for a poor country like Pakistan, which has few people with internet connections.
The song was the brainchild of Waseem Mahmood whose children asked him to do something about the rising radicalization of Islam

Children sing the lyrics in the streets.
The Pakistani cricket team after being defeated by Ireland responded to the defeat saying, “We are not that.”

Ali Moeen, the lyricist of the song, just wrote a back a comment concerning the song’s intent. Ali was responding to that earlier post:

Hi All

This is Ali Moeen, the lyricist of the song. I have been reading the comments posted on your blog by different people. Thanks for appreciating it. However there is a gross misinterpretation at places. The song/lyrics are at the outset an inhouse wake-up call as well as a message for other alienating ourselves from the scourage of generalizations of terrorism. The words “wo”(meaning “they”) and “them” have been used for the terrorists exclusively to draw the line of distinction between them and us. This song has no innuendos or allusions towards west or anyother country. No… Not at all… It is only meant to declare the terrorists as OTHERS and not being one of us.

I appreciate all again for taking the message forward and talking about it. Spread the message in the song as it is for the good of the world regardless of color, cast, creed, religion etc…

Ali Moeen

Again for you who missed it, here is the smash hit…
Yeh hum naheem (“We Are Not That”):

Wassem Mahmood, the brains behind the project, also wrote a comment on that earlier post to explain the intent of the song:


Dear Doug

I am Waseem Mahmood, the person behind the song. Poetry is open to interpretation but I assure you that there is not one single hint of anti westernism in the song. The whole idea was that a number of Muslims are in denial about the fact that a problem even exists – thus this was a wakeup call to them. We can only root out the problem once we accept that there is a problem. The lies being spread refers to these acts being carried out in our name…not lies being spread in the west. The whole tone of the song is thus. The line about deep wounds is the only one that can refer to the west but it is to say that there is suffering on both sides.
Hope that this helps.

Congratulations again, to Ali and Waseem on their smash hit.
And, thank you for your courageous stand against terrorism.

SUPER!! Pakistani Superstars Sing Out Against Terrorism!! (Video)

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