Pakistani Extremists Planning Beslan-Style Attack

Lining up the dead children in Beslan.

The first day of classes ended in horror as terrorists took siege of the grade school in Beslan. More than 1,300 people were held captive for three days. 331 died in the Isalamic terrorist attack on the school- mostly children.

The Islamic terrorists in Pakistan are planning attacks on English-speaking schools modeled after the Beslan massacre.
The Daily Times and ROP reported:

The Interior Ministry has directed police to tighten security around English medium schools in the country after intelligence reports showed extremists planning hostage taking at private English medium schools, the BBC reported.

According to a report seen by the BBC, insurgents got this idea from the Beslan School siege in North Ossetia, Russia in which 335 people were killed – most of them children.

The report said the objective behind such an attempt was to stop the government from conducting operations like the one against Lal Mashjid and Jamia Hafsa.

Insurgents believe that moderate and secular elements in society would be undermined if children from well-offs families faced harm, the report said.


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