Moonbats Blame Bush's War for MN Bridge Collapse

REMEMBER: There is absolutely nothing the American Left will not politicise–

As emergency workers continue to look for the 8 missing victims from the Minnesota bridge collapse, the Left has the surged on the disaster to attack President Bush.

Heidi Sheen, left, and Brenda Asmus put down a sign to protest war as President Bush’s helicopter flew over head to view the destroyed Interstate 35W bridge in Minneapolis, Saturday, Aug. 4, 2007. The sign reads ‘Support Bridges Not War.’ (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

Even the democratic senator from Minnesota played politics with the bridge disaster.
But, as Captain’s Quarters noted:

Senator Amy Klobuchar blamed the collapse of the I-35W bridge on a lack of highway funds — even though the 2005 highway bill increased federal funding to Minnesota by 46% over its five-year span.

Democrats couldn’t even wait for the bodies to be pulled from the river before they started their bogus Bush attacks. Sad.

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