Media Is Grossly Editing Presidential Candidate's Remarks

** The Liberal Media Is Already Manipulating News Reports On the Presidential Candidates! **

These examples are just two instances of media distortion from yesterday:
NewsBusters reported how CBS edited the words of Hillary Clinton to make her sound less divisive:

CBS, the Rathergate network, offered up another misleading report. The August 8 edition of “The Early Show,”at 7:09 AM, edited a Hillary Clinton quote from the August 7 AFL-CIO debate to portray her as a populist.

JOIE CHEN: Front-runner Clinton also came up against sharp elbows with rivals accusing her of cozying up to big-money lobbyists. Before thousands of union members, the New York Senator sought to portray herself as champion of the little guy.

CLINTON: So if you want a winner who knows how to take them on, I’m your girl.

What she actually said was in the context of her preference in attacking the Republicans. The full quote is much more divisive than portraying herself “as champion of the little guy.”

CLINTON: “For 15 years I have stood up against the right-wing machine and I’ve come out stronger. So if you want a winner who knows how to take them on, I’m your girl.”

The media is purposely trying to make socialist Hillary sound like more of a centrist with their cuts and editing.


The liberal media also grossly distorted their coverage of Mitt Romney yesterday.
Townhall reported on the liberal ambush and media distortion of Republican Mitt Romney:

Rachel Griffiths, a member of the “Quad City Progressive Action for the Common Good” asked Romney (AP photo) the “why are your kids chickenhawks”.

Question: “Thank you so much for being here and asking for our comments and I appreciate your recognizing the Iraq War veteran. My question is how many of your five sons are currently serving in the U.S. military and if none of them are how do they plan to support this war on terrorism by enlisting in our U.S. military?

Romney: The good news is that we have a volunteer Army and that’s the way we’re going to keep it. My sons are all adults and they’ve made decisions about their careers and they’ve chosen not to serve in the military and active duty and I respect their decision in that regard.

I also respect and value very very highly those who make the decision to serve in the military. And I think we ought to show an outpouring of support just as I suggested, a surge of support for those families and for those individuals who are serving. My niece, for instance, just to tell you what a neighborhood can do and how touching it can be, my niece Misha –living out west– her husband, I think he got a call on a Tuesday, he’s in the National Guard, he got a call on a Tuesday that he was going to be called up and shipped overseas on a Thursday, and they’d just bought a home, they hadn’t landscaped it, but the rules in the neighborhood were that unless you got your home landscaped within a year of the time that you bought your home, they began fining you because they didn’t want people having mudholes in front of their homes. And she was very worried, and just before the year expired, she woke up one morning and looked out the window and all the neighbors were out there rolling out sod, putting up trees, getting it all done. It is remarkable how we can show our support for our nation.

One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping to get me elected because they think’d I be a great president (laughter) and my son Josh bought the family Winnibago and has visited 99 counties most of them with his three kids and his wife, and I respect that and all of those and the way they serve this great country.

The AP left out both the text of the question and all of the italicized comments. Nice reporting, eh?

The Romney campaign quickly released the YouTube video of the exchange, though given the fundamental inability of the chickenhawk meme to move the average American voter, and the widespread rejection of such logic by the uniformed military, it might have been better to let the “controversy” play out a bit as a way of demonstrating how in the bag the AP is to the anti-war fringe.

Hat Tip Larwyn
The media also forgot to mention, as NewsBusters also reported, that the AP failed to mention that the questioner is a known Far-Left radical with a significant record of antiwar activism.

This media bias is getting frightening.

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