MASS RIOTING- After Drag Queens Released From Jail!

The jailed drag queens could still get from 1 to 30 lashes with a horsewhip for their cross dressing!
(From 1 to 30 lashes… Based on what?)

Courthouse gets pummeled with stones after drag queens released from jail in Nigeria.
The BBC reported:

Police in northern Nigeria have clashed with Muslim youths angry at a Sharia court’s decision to grant bail to 18 men accused of dressing as women.
For about 30 minutes, the protesters held up traffic on Bauchi’s main street chanting slogans saying the accused men had been let off lightly.

Riot police fired teargas to disperse them, a BBC reporter in the north-eastern city says.

Trial judge Tanimu Abubakar freed five of the 18 men who met bail conditions.

The other 13 have been sent back to prison.

The men all pleaded not guilty to charges of “indecent dressing” and “vagrancy” and were granted bail after they paid 20,000 Naira ($158) each.

But some young men who gathered outside the court premises felt the men did not deserve bail and began hurling stones at the court house.

Africasia has more on the “crime”:

The sharia police encountered 45 men, all dressed as women, during the hotel raid, but more than half of them escaped, Bununu said. The men had allegedly been planning to celebrate a gay mariage.

A spokesman for the local sharia police, Muhamad Muhamad Bununu, said the suspects had been charged “under the idle persons and vagabonds section of sharia law.”

“Any (male) person who dresses .. in the fashion of a woman in a public place” or has the reputation of practising sodomy “will be liable to a term of one year or 30 lashes,” he said.

Actual sodomy, which must be witnessed at close quarters by at least four people and is therefore very difficult to prove, carries sentence of the death penalty.

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