LA Times Lists Henry Kissinger Among Tyrants

The LA Times reports today that you can tell a lot about a tyrant by his music and lists what noted dictators Hitler, Pol Pot, (gay) Josef Stalin, Osama Bin Laden and Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.
…Then the LA Times finishes the article with the music of “tyrant” Henry Kissinger.
This is how the Times describes the American Secretary of State/Tyrant Henry Kissinger:

You Can Tell a Lot About a Tyrant by His Taste in Music
By John Kenney
-Special to the Los Angeles Times

“Hitler’s outward hatred for Jews and Russians may have belied a secret passion for some of their greatest musical works, if a recently discovered cache of records proves to be the remains of his private music collection. The nearly 100 records, now worn and scratched, were stored in the attic of a former Soviet intelligence agent, who left a note saying he took them from the Reich Chancellery after the fall of Berlin in 1945.”

— The New York Times

…And then there’s Henry Kissinger, who some say died four years ago but remains “alive” by remote control. He is said to fear for his life in the company of Belgians and anyone who says the word “sommelier.” Kissinger discovered music in April or May of 1998, on a car radio. According to an aide, he appeared confused but intrigued and asked what the “melodic noise” was. Informed that it was a band called the Commodores, he requested a copy of the song and soon amassed the entire oeuvre of Lionel Ritchie. He denies it to this day.

Kissinger the tyrant?
Bad joke.

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