James Webb Blasts Dems for Genocide in Southeast Asia

Journey of the Vietnamese boat people

Two million Vietnamese fled their country after the US pulled support from the region. Thousands died at sea.

Senator James Webb (D-VA) blasted democrats for allowing the horrible genocide in southeast Asia after the US withdrew forces from the region!
The Corner reported the news today:

…Finally, the aftermath of Saigon’s fall is rarely dealt with at all. A gruesome holocaust took place in Cambodia, the likes of which had not been seen since World War II. Two million Vietnamese fled their country — usually by boat — with untold thousands losing their lives in the process. This was the first such diaspora in Vietnam’s long and frequently tragic history. Inside Vietnam a million of the South’s best young leaders were sent to re-education camps; more than 50,000 perished while imprisoned, and others remained captives for as long as 18 years. An apartheid system was put into place that punished those who had been loyal to the United States, as well as their families, in matters of education, employment and housing. The Soviet Union made Vietnam a client state until its own demise, pumping billions of dollars into the country and keeping extensive naval and air bases at Cam Ranh Bay.

The author: James Webb, now a Democratic senator from Virginia. The article first appeared in the Wall Street Journal in April, 2000 and is now available on Webb’s website.

Glenn Reynolds has more genocide talk from James Webb.

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