IRAN GETS PUNKED… Translated Harry Potter Version a Fake

Bummer… After Sakineh (Mehri) Kharrazi translated all 560 pages of the internet version of the latest Harry Potter book into Persian…
He found out it was a fake.

The regime decided to give the translated version its kiss of approval anyway.
It is now on sale in Iran.
Mehr News reported:

A Persian translation of the internet counterfeit version of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” has appeared in Iran’s bookstores.

An internet hacker put a fake version of the latest book in the Harry Potter series on the internet a few days before the book’s worldwide release, claiming it to be the original.

Sakineh (Mehri) Kharrazi translated it into Persian off the website and it has been published by Neyestan-e Jam Publications in a 560-page book, the Persian service of ISNA reported on Wednesday.

According to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance’s book and book reading office, the book was published with the ministry’s permission.

At the top corner of the back of the book, the label “internet version” has been printed.

Head of the office, Majid Hamidzadeh, explained that the ministry had not observed any problem in the contents of the book and therefore permission for publication had been issued, saying “The book bears the label ‘internet version’ on its cover, and we are not concerned whether or not its contents are fake.

Happy fake reading!

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