Iran Celebrates Hezbollah's War Against Israel

Iran joined in the fun this week and celebrated Hezbollah’s costly “divine victory” over Israel with a great public celebration complete with fireworks.

The supposed “divine victory” ended up costing Lebanese families $35,000 each.
Way to go, boys!

Iran continues to supply Hezbollah with cash and arms while people at home struggle with high unemployment and double digit inflation. (ISNA)

Lebanese officials reported on Wednesday that Iran has stocked Hezbollah’s arsenal with sophisticated weapons that can reach deep inside Israel:


Hezbollah possesses sophisticated weapons that could be used to target Israel, a retired Lebanese army general said Wednesday, a day after the militant group’s leader promised that Israel would face a “big surprise” if it invaded Lebanon.

“Oh Zionists, if you think of launching a war on Lebanon, and I don’t advise to do it. … I promise you a big surprise that could change the fate of war and the fate of the region,” Nasrallah told a mass rally late Tuesday in Beirut’s southern suburbs, a Hezbollah stronghold that was heavily bombed by Israeli warplanes during the 34-day war.

Nasrallah did not elaborate on his threat but reiterated that his group possessed long-range rockets that could reach deep into the Jewish state. During Tuesday’s speech, he did not specify how many rockets Hezbollah has, but in October, Nasrallah said Hezbollah had 33,000 rockets.

A young Iranain celebrates Hezbollah’s “victory” over Israel. (ISNA)

An Iranian man displays his Koran and a Hezbollah flag at the celebration. (ISNA)

Pictures of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah with Iranian leader Khamenei hung at the event. (ISNA)

Kamangir has more photos from the celebration and says the Hezbollah members were in attendance.

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