Hamas Terror Leader Meshaal: Gilad Shalit Alive & Well

Hamas terror leader Khaled Meshaal says that Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier they kidnapped last year after the dug a tunnel for 3 kilometers to attack a Jewish guard post outside of Gaza, is alive and well.

CNN reported this news tonight:

DAMASCUS, Syria (CNN) — Israeli soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit — captured by Hamas more than a year ago — is alive and well, the exiled leader of Hamas told CNN Friday.

Hamas has been negotiating for the release of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Shalit through an Egyptian intermediary, Khaled Meshaal told CNN senior international correspondent Nic Robertson.

Hamas has also reached out to Shalit’s father to tell him his son is well and that Hamas gave him eyeglasses when he requested them, Meshaal said in his first interview with Western television in two years.

Shalit, however, said in an audiotape message released in June that his health was getting worse.

“It’s been a hard year in prison, and my health situation is deteriorating, and I am in need of long-term hospitalization,” he said in the message, posted on a Hamas Web site and played on Israeli TV.

Hamas militants captured Shalit during a raid on an Israeli army post near the Israel-Gaza-Egypt border on June 25, 2006, according to Israel Defense Forces. Two other Israeli soldiers were killed in the assault.

Meshaal said Hamas has put forward a list of 350 Palestinians they want released from Israeli jails, but he blamed Israel for the breakdown of talks.

An Israeli envoy traveled to Egypt last month with a list of Hamas prisoners the Israelis would be willing to release, an Egyptian official said. While Israel has given up Palestinian prisoners in the past, Israel has also said it will not release certain prisoners accused of having carried out terrorist attacks.

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To give you some idea how far the terrorists tunneled to kill and kidnap the Jewish soldiers, this picture was taken into Gaza from that same Israeli outpost:

Hamas dug a 3 kilometer long tunnel under the separation fence and behind the post that this photo was taken from. During the morning attack, two IDF soldiers were killed and three others wounded, aside from Shalit, who himself suffered a broken left hand and a light shoulder wound after his tank was hit with an RPG. Israeli forces believe that Gilad and his captors walked back over this field and disappeared inside this Gaza town. Gilad Shalit has not been seen since that morning. (Photo taken from near Sderot in early August)

Hamas needs to give Gilad Shalit back to Israel now!
Where’s the international outrage??

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