Hamas Child Star Says She's Ready For "Martyrdom"

Palestinian child star Saraa Barhoum, best known for her segments with Farfour the terrorist mouse, says she’s ready to become a martyr.

Farfour and Saraa became famous for teaching Palestinian children the ABCs of terror on Hamas’ official television station, Al-Aqsa TV.

Saraa wants to be a doctor… But, if she can’t, she would be happy to be a suicide killer.
McClatchy News reported:

Saraa Barhoum picked at the buttons on her pink bellbottom jeans as she twisted on a chair inside the bustling new Hamas television headquarters. The afternoon light bounced off the sparkly outlines of butterflies on her frilly top, and a colorful hijab framed her 11-year-old face.

Saraa wants to be a doctor. If she can’t, the young star of Hamas television’s best-known children’s show said, she’d be proud to become a martyr. Saraa says little Jewish girls should be forced from their homes in Israel so that Palestinians can return to their land.

With the show’s producer helpfully offering written tips during an interview, Saraa didn’t get into how she hopes to die for her cause, be it suicide bombing, fighting the Israeli military or some other way. She carefully sidestepped any suggestion that she’s subtly calling for the destruction of Israel .

“Israel says that we are terrorists,” Saraa said minutes before an interview with her was interrupted by an errant Israeli airstrike that slammed into an apartment building on the adjacent block. “But they are the ones that must stop their attacks against us and our kids.”

Saraa is the sweet face of “Tomorrow’s Pioneers,” a weekly, hour-long Hamas television children’s show best known for bringing the world a militant Mickey Mouse look-alike and then having him killed off by an Israeli interrogator.

With her jarring mix of innocent charm and militant rhetoric, Saraa is at the center of the militant Islamist group’s increasingly sophisticated campaign to become the dominant force in Palestinian politics.

Here is young Saraa with her terrorist mouse friend Farfour in the hit Palestinian children’s show:

Video is from Palestinian Media Watch.


Farfour was later replaced by Nahoul, the Jew-hating bee, on the Hamas terror channel.

In a recent episode, Nahoul showed children watching the show how to abuse animals.

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