Hamas Beats Fatah Protesters With Truncheons

After Hamas beat the Fatah protesters with clubs they raided the local Arab news offices and seized the video footage of the beatdown.

Palestinian protesters — members of rival factions including president Mahmud Abbas’s Fatah party — wave the Palestinian flag during a rally in Gaza City. Baton-wielding Hamas fighters beat their political rivals in the Gaza Strip as they tried to prevent them from holding a protest after the Islamists banned unauthorised public gatherings.(AFP/Mohammed Abed)

Hamas put an abrupt end to a Fatah protest in Gaza City today beating the protesters with truncheons.
ADN Kronos reported:

Hamas militants on Monday used truncheons to disperse a group of supporters of rival faction Fatah in Gaza, news reports said.

Several people including journalists and camera operators were injured when members of the Executive Forces, a Hamas-formed security unit considered illegal by the Palestinian Authority (PA), charged the demonstrators, US-based Arab broadcaster Radio Sawa reported.

After breaking up the protestors who were calling on Hamas to return Gaza to PA rule, the militants raided the offices of Arab news networks Mbc and al-Arabiya, seizing television footage of the clashes.

On Sunday Executive Forces members raided a wedding celebration in Gaza and beat some of the guests who had been shouting slogans supporting Fatah and PA president Mahmoud Abbas.

Welcome to Hamastan!

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