Hamas Announces Formation of Navy to Battle Prostitution

Hamas hopes their navy can help in the fight against drug abuse and prostitution.

Hamas forces in Gaza are planning to establish a navy even though they do not have any boats.
The Times Online reported:

It may not have any ships, sailors or seafaring equipment, but those logistical details have not prevented Hamas, the Islamist movement that rules the Gaza Strip, from launching a naval defence force.

“The requirements to join are that you have to be a good soldier, be fit, and know how to swim,” said the coastal patrol’s only confirmed member and commander, Jamil al-Dahashan, a veteran of the armed wing of Hamas.

The new force is expected to take to the waves — or at least the beaches — in a couple of weeks, where it will battle against prostitution and drug abuse. Eventually, when it has a boat, the navy will venture out to sea, where one of its main tasks will be to intercept Gazan fishermen who moonlight as informants for the Israelis.

Y-Net has more on the Hamas naval forces.

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