German Left Urges End of Weapons Sales to Zionist Regime

A German Opposition leader called for the “immediate stop of weapons deliveries to Zionist regime” today.
The Iranian Republic News Agency reported:

A leading lawmaker of the opposition The Left (Die Linke) party here Thursday called for an “immediate stop of weapons deliveries to Zionist regime” in a bid to de-escalate the ongoing Mideast conflict.

The foreign policy spokesman of the The Left party, Norman Paech (pictured) also urged the German government in a press statement to adhere to ” absolute neutrality” in the Mideast.

The radical leftist MP stressed only “diplomatic initiatives” could end the violent wave in the Middle East.


A stauch supporter of Israel, Germany has become a major arms supplier of the illegal Jewish state despite a legal German ban to send arms to crisis regions.

The German government confirmed earlier this year it had sold two Dolphin-class submarines to Israel which are capable of launching nuclear warheads.

Germany had already donated three Dolphin submarines to Israel in 1999 and 2000.

German arms exports to Zionist regime reached around 900 million US dollars between 1998 and 2001.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is regarded by German political epxerts as one of the most pro-Israeli chancellors in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany which interestingly enough comes in the wake of a drastic German public opinion shift against Zionist regime, triggered by its brutal military campaigns in Lebanon and Gaza.

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