With the increased threat of missile attack by the Iranian regime and proxy states in Gaza, Southern Lebanon, Syria, and the West Bank, it is necessary for the survival of Israel to maintain borders that do not put the country at increased risk of annihilation.

Daniel Diker from the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) took time to explain the necessary borders that Israel must maintain in order to defend itself from the growing Islamic threat during a meeting held in Jerusalem this past week.
Here is the abbreviated version from Diker on Israel’s critical border issue:

Daniel Diker and the JCPA just released a current study on the Iranian threat on the West.

Iran, Hizbullah, Hamas and the Global Jihad: A New Conflict Paradigm for the West
(The full report can be downloaded at the JCPA website)

This study further describes the premise that Diker makes above- that Israel cannot allow the West Bank to become a radical Islamic stronghold like Gaza after the Israeli withdrawal. This would be a suicidal move for Israel and put the country in great danger:

Iran is more determined than ever to achieve regional hegemony in the Middle East and is fueling regional instability across the entire area. Moreover, radical Sunni militancy, led by al-Qaeda, has transferred many of its main centers of operation to the Middle East after the fall of the Taliban regime. With the rise of both Sunni and Shiite terrorist organizations around Israel, and the utility of classical deterrence limited, the Middle East has become a more dangerous region. Under such conditions, were Israel pressured to concede the Jordan Valley, for example, it would likely expose itself to a steep increase in infiltration to the strategic West Bank, including weapons and volunteers, and thus face the same experience it had with the Philadelphi corridor after the Gaza pullout.

It is clear that if Israeli leaders were forced to cede territory in the West Bank to the Palestinians at this time that this would allow for the creation of an East Hamastan. This would not only threaten Israel but would threaten moderate regional Arab states like Jordan, as well.

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