CONFIRMED: More Bogus Media Reporting From Iraq

It looks like the mainstream media jumped the gun on another one of their anti-military reports…

Yesterday, US and Iraqi troops killed 32 Shiites in Sadr City.
Bill Roggio has an excellent report on the attacks on the militants.

This is how The Washington Post reported the story:


Iraqi police said 17 people had been killed, including a handful of women and children.

The AP reported:

Word of the raid came after Iraqi police in Sadr City had said that a
bombardment by U.S. helicopters and armored vehicles had killed nine
civilians, including two women, and wounded six others. The police also
said 12 people were detained.

The New York Times said:

Hospital officials in the Sadr City district of Baghdad said that the
American airstrike had killed or wounded several civilians, including a
, though the military disputed that account.

The Gulf Daily News went even further:

US jets and helicopters bombed Baghdad’s largest Shi’ite slum killing women, children and “terrorists”.

It’s funny how the official report is so much different than the MSM’s…
The Multi-National Forces Iraq released an official account on the attack after their investigation yesterday:

The individuals detained and the terrorists killed during the raid are believed to be members of a cell of a Special Groups terrorist network known for facilitating the transport of weapons and explosively formed penetrators, or EFPs, from Iran to Iraq, as well as bringing militants from Iraq into Iran for terrorist training.

As Iraqi and Coalition Forces approached the objective location, they observed two armed men in tactical fighting positions assessed to be early warning operatives for the individual targeted in the operation. Responding appropriately to the immediate threat, ground forces engaged the two armed men, killing them. While in the objective area, ground forces raided a concentration of buildings and detained 12 suspected Special Groups Cell terrorists. Ground forces received sporadic small arms fire throughout the course of the operation.

During the course of the operation, the assault force and the overhead aerial support observed a vehicle and large group of armed men on foot attempting an assault on the ground forces. Responding appropriately to the threat of the organized terrorist force, close air support was called and engaged the terrorist vehicle and organized terrorist force, killing an estimated 30 terrorists.

MORE… Here is the official response from the Multi-National Force Iraq Press Desk that I received today:

Mr. Hoft,

Civilians were present, however, no civilians were detained or known to be injured. Coalition Forces take extensive measures to ensure the
safety of civilians during their operations.

Very Respectfully,

Spc. Carl N. Hudson
MNF-I Press Desk

It looks like the MSM jumped the gun again on their anti-military reporting.
That is, if you beleive the US military over anonymous media stringers in Iraq.

Update: Is it any wonder that most Americans believe the mainstream news is politically biased?

Update 2: More faulty media reporting.
Hat Tip Larwyn

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