Busted!… Another Bogus Sadr City Bullet Photo

We’re starting to see a pattern here…

Snapped Shot posted this photo below last month and thought it looked a bit odd:
July 12- 2007

Overnight raid : An Iraqi elderly woman inspects a bullet which she says hit her bed during an alleged overnight raid by US and Iraqi troops in Baghdad’s impoverished district of Sadr City.(AFP/Wissam al-Okaili)

After passing this by a recent graduate (2007) of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center “Firearm Instructor Training Program” the photo was ruled a fraud. The firearm’s expert ruled that the round had definitely not been fired due to lack of rifling marks.


Well, guess what?
Iraqi photographer Wissam al-Okaili published another bullet shot from Sadr City today:
August 12- 2007

An elderly Iraqi woman shows two bullets which she says hit her house following an early coalition forces raid in the predominantly Shiite Baghdad suburb of Sadr City. At least 175 people were slaughtered on Tuesday and more than 200 wounded when four suicide truck bombs targeted people from an ancient religious sect in northern Iraq, officials said.(AFP/Wissam al-Okaili)

Here’s a closeup of the bullets that supposedly “hit” the elderly woman’s home:

Mike Needham comments: “These photos are of entire cartridges. The “bullet” is the little pointy part that actually leaves the barrel of the weapon. The rest of the cartridge stays in the weapon and is ejected before the next round is fired. What a joke.”
Yashmak agrees.

Here’s a photo of a fired round:

This diagonal line is created when a round travels down the barrel of a gun and comes in contact with the gun’s rifling. This gives the round stability and creates accuracy. You will always find rifling marks on a fired round. Always.

Clearly- like the previous photo, we have a photo of rounds that were never fired due to the lack of rifling marks.
The photos by Wissam al-Okali are frauds.

** My ballistics expert friend agrees that the rounds the woman is holding were never fired.

The AP has similar bullet shots posted Here and Here.
These bullets actually look like they hit something.
Another Wissam al-Okali bullet shot is Here.
And, more elderly women photos by Wissam al-Okali are Here.

Bryan and HotAir also noticed the odd photos and has a roundup of reaction.
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UPDATE: Here is that other bullet photo by Wissam from July 5, 2007

Baghdad, IRAQ: An Iraqi man holds empty cartridges which he says were left behind by US and Iraqi troops at the entrance of his house which was allegedly raided early 05 July 2007 in Baghdad’s impoverished district of Sadr City. Six persons were arrested during the raid according to residents. AFP PHOTO/WISSAM AL-OKAILI (Photo credit should read WISSAM AL-OKAILI/AFP/Getty Images)

UPDATE 2: Here is another shot by WISSAM AL-OKAILI of “US military devices” at the scene in Sadr City from December 16, 2006:

An Iraqi woman shows photographers military devices that she said were left behind by US military forces following an early morning raid on Baghad’s impoverished district of Sadr City, 16 December 2006.
Iraqi army special forces and US advisers called in an air strike early today and killed an enemy gunman during a raid on Sadr City, a Shiite militia bastion in east Baghdad, the US military said. The assault was launched to arrest the leader of an armed gang accused of mounting car bomb and rocket attacks and setting up illegal checkpoints to trap civilians as part of the Iraqi capital’s vicious sectarian war. AFP PHOTO/WISSAM AL-OKAILI (Photo credit should read WISSAM AL-OKAILI/AFP/Getty Images)

UPDATE 3: This looks like it could be the same woman as in the AFP photos. Notice the ring.

Umm Sattar weeps after two of her sons were arrested in their Sadr City home in east Baghdad, Iraq on Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2007. Police said four civilians were killed and five others injured early Tuesday morning as U.S. and Iraqi forces were conducting a house-to-house search. Backed by helicopters, the joint force also arrested 12 suspected Shiite militiamen in the raid which took place in three sections and started at 3:00 a.m., a police officer said. The U.S. military said it was checking into the report. (AP Photo/ Karim Kadim)

Reuters gets involved…
This woman has the same line on her chin as other photos:

A woman displays bullets after a raid in Baghdad’s Sadr City August 12, 2007. Two men were killed while nine others were arrested during a joint raid by the U.S. and Iraqi military forces in Sadr City early on Sunday, police said. (REUTERS/Kareem Raheem)

Finally… here is bullet girl with a picture of her hubby:

A woman shows a picture of her husband in her house following an early coalition forces raid in the predominantly Shiite Baghdad suburb of Sadr City, 14 August 2007. US and Iraqi troops carried out massive assaults against Shiite militants, killing four in Baghdad’s volatile slum of Sadr City, and arresting several more across Iraq, the military said today. AFP PHOTO / WISSAM AL-OKAILI (Photo credit should read WISSAM AL-OKAILI/AFP/Getty Images)

Blackfive has much more.
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Hat Tip Susan H.

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