BRAVE RICKSHAW DRIVERS Saved Lives After Hyderabad Blasts

Terrorists set off three bomb blasts on Saturday night at an amusement park and a popular restaurant in Hyderabad, India killing at least 40 innocent men, women and children.

Relatives cry over the bodies of Indian blast victims Srilekha (L), 18, Shusheela (C), 35 and Sravanthi (R), 14, who belong to the same family and were killed in the Gokul Chat eatery blast, at their residence in Uppal, Hyderabad. A strike called by right-wing Hindu nationalists kept many people off work and shut schools Monday after twin bomb blasts blamed on Islamic militants killed 42 civilians in this Indian city.(AFP/Noah Seelam)

The Hyderabad bomb blast victims told of heroic rickshaw drivers who started taking those injured to the hospitals before the police arrived at the scene.
NDTV reported:

Despite being badly injured in the Lumbini Park blast, 19-year-old, Ishaan Amin and his brother didn’t panic.

They just went back into the auditorium and led out others who were injured onto auto-rickshaws and to hospitals.

In fact, they had sent off quite a few of the victims even before the police or rescue teams reached the spot.

”Immediately after the blast, I came out from the laser show site. After few minutes, I went back there. The entire place was plunged in darkness. I was using my cell phone as a torch to see people lying in a pool of blood.”

”Along with few others, including my brother, we started taking them out one after another and put them in auto-rickshaws for hospitals. Where was the police or ambulance or medical teams then? No one was there,” said Ishaan Amin.

The Amin family was in Hyderabad on a trip with 65 other businessmen. One of them died in the blast, while twelve are in hospital with injuries.

Police defused a total of 19 more bombs that were discovered after the blasts.


BOMB BLASTS Hit Amusement Park in India

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