Bloggers Report Good News On Iraq & the Surge

Jeff Emmanuel frm RedState is reporting from Iraq and will be there for the next several weeks to report on the surge— which appears to be working by the way. Major attacks in Iraq are down by almost 50% since the US increased troop levels about 6 months ago.

MATT SANCHEZ is currently reporting from Iraq.
Today he has an “ambush” video from Sadr City.
It is so good that I am reposting it here:

45% of Iraqis are under the age of 14. These innocent children are the most vulnerable to the violence if the US decides to pull out of Iraq before the mission is completed.

Michael Yon also has good news on the surge in his latest report.

In a shocker… German media giant Der Spiegel reports: “The US Military is more successful in Iraq than the world wants to believe.”


And more… Christopher Hitchens delves into the “Foolish myths about Al Qaeda in Iraq” debate today.

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