Another Al Qaeda Group Moves Into Gaza- Films Training

Boy, pulling those Israelis out of Gaza has worked out wonderfully, hasn’t it?

Lt. Col. (res.) Jonathan Dahoah-Halevi reported today that another Al-Qaeda affiliated group, The Army of the Nation (Jaish al-Umma), has set up camp in Gaza and is even filming training exercises to impress their blood-thirsty recruits.

Ambassador Dore Gold sends this news on the latest radical developments inside Hamastan (Gaza):

This PDF (pictured in this posting) shows the homepage of the website of Jaish al-Umma, another al-Qaeda affiliate in Gaza. Their symbol is of interest—it is an M-16 assault rifle with a sniper scope used as a flagpole—the black flag attached says “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah”–the shahada or the Islamic profession of faith. Underneath in green Arabic letters it says Jaish al-Umma (the Army of the Nation). The black flag is usually used by groups committed to jihad and to the restoration of the Caliphate, like the Taliban, who used black flags. It also has some ‘end of days’ meaning in some Islamic circles. The use of the shahada is derived from the Wahhabis and is used on the green Saudi flag.

Lt. Col. (res.) Jonathan Dahoah-Halevi offers this sobering assessment on the latest Al-Qaeda move into Gaza:


** The declared policy of Hamas to provide sanctuary to any jihadi fighter invites additional terrorist groups associated with al-Qaeda to plant themselves in the Gaza Strip.

** According to Dr. Zakaria Zain al-Din, chairman of Hamas’ largest charity organization, the extremist views of al-Qaeda are spreading among the senior leadership of Hamas. Expressions of this were evident in the adoption of the radical world view of al-Qaeda that accuses other Muslims of being “infidels” and permits their being killed. Radical religious rulings permitted the killing of Fatah operatives.

** Abu Ashur, the right-hand man of Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam) leader Mumtaz Durmush, confessed that their organization received funds and instructions from al-Qaeda outside of the Gaza Strip. Jaish al-Islam was responsible for the kidnapping of BBC journalist Alan Johnston in March 2007. Leading the cell that abducted Johnston was Khattab al-Maqdasi, a Palestinian who in the past had fought alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan.

** A video clip showing Al Qaeda members Jaish al-Umma (Army of the Nation) training in Gaza, is dedicated to the Shiite and Iranian threat to Palestinian society; it argues that Iran has converted Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) into a Shiite branch through which it intends to advance the spread of Shiism.

** Hamas is trying to improve its image in the eyes of the West, arguing that it is succeeding in restoring public order in Gaza. In the West – and even in Israel – there are voices calling for a dialogue with Hamas. Providing legitimacy to Hamas as an acceptable political partner – without any preconditions regarding its renunciation of terrorism – is essentially a “green light” to Hamas to continue to provide sanctuary for al-Qaeda affiliates in Gaza.

There is much more at JCPA.

Powerline describes the Army of the nation training video.

** This ought to be a warning for those who think fleeing Iraq is the best idea for our national security.

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