AFP Swipes Soldier's Photo

Confederate Yankee has more on the theft.

UPDATE: Bill Roggio writes in with this:

RE: the AFP photo… Your combat photographer is mistaken. You said: “I’ve confirmed with an Army combat photographer that they cannot give or sell their photos to news agencies.”

Here is what the CENTCOM site says (Click Privacy & Security):

Information presented on this web site is considered public information and may be distributed or copied. Use of appropriate byline/photo/image credits is requested.

Other military sites have the same disclaimer, I’ve checked them all out a long time ago.

Read the fine print at the Army page:

Images on the Army Web site are cleared for release and are considered in the public domain. Request credit be given as “Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army” and credit to individual photographer whenever possible.

You might want to clarify this. I won’t post on this as I don’t really address issues such as this. I figured it would be best to let you now before some AFP person tries to shoot back at you.

This is a matter of AFP not properly crediting the photo.

Bill Roggio

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