3 Terrorists Busted in Hijabs With 500 KG of Explosives

These “gals” were packing major heat…

A Russian and two Afghans were busted in hijabs with 500 kg of explosives in southeast Afghanistan.
Ria Novosti and Global incident Map reported:

TEHRAN, August 27 (RIA Novosti) – A Russian found transporting explosives was detained in southeast Afghanistan near the Pakistani border on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack, according to the official news agency of neighboring Iran, IRNA.

The agency said police in Afghanistan’s Paktia province arrested three men – a Russian and two Afghans – all disguised in Hijab, Islamic women’s clothing. Officers searched their car, and found about 500 kg of explosives.

The Russian said he entered Afghanistan through the border with Pakistan, where he had traveled via Egypt, Turkey and Iran, and planned to return to Russia through Tajikistan.

The agency gave only the suspect’s first name, Andrei, and said he was a Muslim.

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