VETS FOR FREEDOM Plan DC Protest Against Surrender!

Vets for Freedom want Congress to know that they Support the Mission in Iraq!!!

VETS FOR FREEDOM, a nonpartisan organization established by combat veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is planning a protest tomorrow in Washington DC to support General Petraeus and stop anti-war radicals and politicians on Capitol Hill from undermining the mission in Iraq.
Here is the latest:

Last week, Vets for Freedom launched our “10 Weeks to Testimony” campaign and committed to leading the charge to support General Petraeus and stop anti-war radicals and politicians on Capitol Hill from undermining the mission in Iraq.

Unfortunately-despite thousands of phone calls to Capitol Hill this week–even more Republican senators have bowed to political pressure and declared defeat, despite progress being shown by General Petraeus’s new counter-insurgency strategy.

Next week, politicians in Washington, DC are poised to sell out America’s safety because election season is near. As veterans, we cannot allow this to happen. The information battle Vets for Freedom was planning for September is upon us in July, therefore we must adapt, overcome, and do something immediately. Our collective voice must be heard on Capitol Hill, and it must be heard now!

This is a call to action. We are asking every Iraq and Afghanistan veteran who believes in supporting the mission–and defeating America’s enemies–to converge on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on Tuesday, July 17. It’s time the fighters in this war tell their representatives–face to face-that now is no time to betray the mission.

HERE IS THE LATEST ON THE PROTEST planned for tomorrow in Washington DC:


Converge on Capitol Hill, July 17 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have already sacrificed blood, sweat, and tears on foreign battlefields. Now America needs one more thing while you’re home — one day of your time. We are the last line of defense.

We’re not going to protest, wave signs, or scream slogans. We are going to make our voices heard, in a professional manner, in keeping with the finest traditions of our great country and military. I have no doubt you will want to join us.

But you say: “It’s an entire Tuesday, and travel is expensive!” We share these legitimate concerns, but answer with this fundamental question: If not you, then who? Who else will tell Congress to give General Petraeus, his strategy, and our comrades time to complete the mission? It has come to this. It must be us.

But you also say: “It’s such short notice, and I have to work.” Again, legitimate concerns, but we have already received commitments from numerous veterans with full-time jobs who have said–no matter the notice–I’ll be there. We need the same from you. Your country needs the same from you.

You might also say, “I’m Active Duty, I can’t do this type of stuff.” There is a common misconception that troops serving on active duty cannot participate in events like this. This is false. As long as you are
1) out of uniform;
2) not speaking on behalf of “the military”; and
3) not protesting, you are absolutely allowed to be involved.
The same goes for National Guard and Reserve troops.

We hope to raise enough money–from the supporters of Vets for Freedom who cannot make it to Washington, DC–to ensure that everyone who makes the trip is reimbursed at some level. Every dollar donated to Vets for Freedom between now and July 17 will go directly to covering travel costs of veterans.

Here is more information on the protest tomorrow.

AGAIN- If you are not able to attend tomorrow you can still donate to this very worthy cause HERE.
And, check out the blog HERE.

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UPDATE: This is good news of sorts– A majority of Americans say wait for the September progress report before making major policy changes in Iraq.

MORE… A rare pro-Iraq piece from the New York Times-A US General in Iraq Speaks Strongly Against Troop Pullout
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