UK Prime Minister Brown Surrenders to Parliament

-Yikes-The new British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has already surrendered.
This is not a good sign for the Brits.
Via Free Republic and Iraq Slogger:

With British confidence in their leaders at a low ebb, new Prime Minister Gordon Brown assumed office last week pledging to undertake measures designed to restore public trust in the government. Following through on his promise, Brown presented a new plan Tuesday that would dramatically revise the Constitutional powers of the British government, with an eye to strengthening the checks and balances.

In his first statement to the House of Commons since assuming power last week, Brown said he would surrender to Parliament 12 powers traditionally reserved for the prime minister under the “Royal prerogative,” including the power to declare war, along with the power to dissolve the House, and the right to appoint judges and bishops.

“I now propose to surrender or limit these powers to make for a more open 21st century British democracy which better serves the British people,” he told MPs, to loud Labour cheers.

Yeah, that’s the man I want in charge during wartime!
Hat Tip Cornhusker

Michael Ledeen is also feeling uneasy about Gordon Brown.


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