Uh-Oh!… Another Tryst For LA Mayor Villaraigosa?

Hollywood finally comes out with something worth watching!

Mayor Villagairosa with another well known… democrat.

You all heard about the rumors and admission by LA ‘Open Border’ Mayor Villaraigosa that he had been having an affair with Telemundo news anchor, Mirthana Salinas. The story broke a couple of days back. In a strange twist it was discovered that Salinas was the one to break the story on the nightly news.

Today Maynard Institute announced, via Pajamas Media, that Mirthana Salinas was placed on unpaid leave by Telemundo while her employer conducts “an internal review of the decision and events that led to where we are today.”


But… This is not the only news today on former MEChA member, Villaraigosa.

Lonewacko has a report that there may be another woman involved in the LA Mayor’s life.
Blogger Mayor Sam’s Sister City reported this today:

When we receive anonymous tips we have to take them with grain of salt. Even though many of them do come true.

So the latest tidbit to grace my e-mailbox could turn out to be totally bogus – or it could be the next chapter in the soap opera emanating from the third floor of LA City Hall. Perhaps the MSM might want to take a gander.

The story goes that the “girlfriend” of a particular member of the City Council has “disclosed” that it was none other than Mirthala Salinas herself who allegedly leaked news of the affair she was having with the Mayor. Salinas’ motivation? The Mayor had allegedly already moved on to a new relationship with an unnamed Korean female developer – and as they say “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

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