Pictures From Zimbabwe- Former Breadbasket Spirals to Hell

The former breadbasket of Africa spirals to hell with an inflation rate running at 3,700%, an unemployment rate at 80%, and tens of thousands homeless…
Street children in the capital Harare find their sleep:

Secret Lives: Street children asleep. The glass-fronted building in the background is The Reserve Bank, Robert Mugabe’s symbol of power. Harare, Zimbabwe. May 2007. (Guardian)

Andrew writes back with more on Zimbabwe:

Mugabe is a murdering bastard. And Jimmy Carter and Andrew Young have the blood of Zimbabwe on their hands for ENSURING this bastard became the President of Zimbabwe, and ignoring the terror and murder he inflicted on black Rhodesians, and whites too, to get there.

Inflation of 3,700% means that more and more Zimbabweans are forced out of the cash economy. They scavenge for food and firewood, and plastic for their walls and ceilings. The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has wide-ranging support in the country, but a ruthless governing party ensures any voices of opposition are crushed. Zimbabwe. May 2007.(Guardian)


With unemployment now over 80%, Zimbabweans must make money any way they can. At rubbish dumps in Harare the unemployed search through waste for items to sell. Harare, Zimbabwe. May 2007. (Guardian)

Secret Lives: Murambitsvina, also translated as ‘clean up the filth’ continues. Street children are picked up by police and dumped miles out of town to discourage them from being on the street. Harare. May 2007 (Guardian)

The cost of living doubled in the course of April 2007 as Zimbabwe’s annual inflation reached 3,700%. Some experts now estimate it has reached 15,000%. Harare, Zimbabwe. May 2007. (Guardian)

A Letter From Zimbabwe- Hellish Conditions Continue

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