Libs Miss *Subtle* Clues Left By Al Qaeda in Iraq

Today’s liberal mantra:

I wish there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq…
I wish there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq…
I wish there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Now- click your heels three times.

Democrats and liberal pundits are pi$$ed!
George Bush claimed that the US is fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq yesterday.
How dare he stoop to such cowardly fearmongering!

Today, the New York Times embarrasses itself again by writing a ridiculous piece about Al Qaeda in Iraq. It’s sad that the NYT is forced to write an Al Qaeda apologistic rant in order to stick with their agenda.
And, of course, liberal pundits continue to play make believe.

** Maybe they should spend some time with the MNF-I forces who have killed or captured hundreds of Al Qaeda members in the past two months.
** Maybe they should have sought out one of the 4,000 Iraqis who were wounded or killed by Al Qaeda attacks (or talked to their family members) in the last 6 months.
** Maybe they should tell that to Al Zawahiri.
** Maybe they should review the Al Qaeda Top 20 Attacks on US soldiers in Iraq posted on YouTube.
** Maybe they should review the Al Qaeda in Iraq map!

…Sadly, they won’t.

More… American Libertarian adds- The 4,000 Al Qaeda members lost in the Iraq

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