Julian Bond: "The War in Iraq Weakened Our Levees" (Video)

Among other things, Chairman Julian Bond of the NAACP blames the War in Iraq on the weakened levees in New Orleans.
Oh… And, Hurricane Katrina was a lynching.
Unhinged?… You be the judge.

Remember, while you listen to this latest unhinged rant by Julian Bond that the NAACP advertises itself as a non-partisan organization:

You can listen to the whole rant at the NAACP convention website.
Julian Bond blasted the Bush Administration for lynching the people of the 9th Ward in New Orleans during the Hurricane Katrina disaster.
The AP reported:

NAACP National Board Chair Julian Bond said Sunday that the civil rights organization is needed now more than ever because the Bush Administration has done little to support blacks.

From the administration’s slow response to Hurricane Katrina to the war in Iraq and immigration issues, Bush has seen his presidency questioned, Bond told an estimated 3,000 people during a public meeting in Detroit.

“The extent of the repudiation, it was evident late last month when the immigration reform bill, the centerpiece of the administration’s domestic legislative hopes, died in the Senate,” Bond said during a nearly 47-minute speech. “On the procedural vote that determined the bill’s fate, only 12 of the Senate’s 49 Republicans stood with the President. When Bush came to shove, his own party members shoved back.”

And the gap has grown between the haves and the have-nots,” he said. “Almost a quarter of black Americans nationwide live below the poverty line as compared with only 8.6 percent of whites.”

Bond called present day inequality and racial disparities cumulative and the result of racial advantages compounded over time.

Bond said the possibility that New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward, ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, will never be rebuilt is comparable to a “lynching.”

It can be said that Katrina, like lynching, not only destroyed the work of generations in a single day, but is resulting in a deliberate effort to dispossess black landholders.

The mostly black 9th Ward was one of the city’s most heavily damaged areas. Bond said that nearly 60 percent of its residents owned their homes compared to 47 percent of all of New Orleans.

“Katrina served to underscore how the war in Iraq has weakened, rather than strengthened, our defenses, including our levees,” Bond said. “The problem isn’t that we can’t prosecute a war in the Persian Gulf and protect our citizens on the Gulf Coast at home. The problem is that we cannot do either one.”

Michelle Malkin has more on this lynching of the Bush Administration.

Don’t expect to hear about anything about the great gains blacks and minorities have made dring the Bush years at this year’s NAACP convention.
It’s clearly not on the agenda.

NAACP Holds “Bush-Bash Lecture Series” for Black History Month

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