Juan Williams: "Majority of Americans Are Anti-Semitic, Ahmadinejad-Loving, Soldier-Hating, Marxist Supporters"

William Kristol ripped into democrats on FOX News Sunday today pointing out accurately that the whole party has gone way wack-left.
Kristol pointed to the fact that ALL of the DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES are speaking at the Far-Left America-hating Yearly Kos convention.
Think Progress has the video.

Juan Williams fires back on Kristol with the most foolish response by a nutroot supporter in years…
That America agrees with the nutroots!

Just as a reminder—
Here is a look at your average nutrooter at Daily Kos:

** Marxist supporter who cheers a dictator who shoots at the opposition.
** Anti-Semitic Jew hater.
** Ahmadinejad lover.
** Wish the White House Press Secretary Tony Snow death.

** Believe the US troops are mercenaries.
** Michael Moore defeatist.
** Believe, foolishly, that Muslims are the New Jews.
** And, of course scream, “Screw them!” when American civilian contractors are brutally murdered and strung from a bridge.


Sorry, Juan… I’m not buying it.
Oh… And, for the nutroots to claim that Yearly Kos has nothing to do with Daily Kos- Please, that is just ridiculous.

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