Jihadist Clerics Gettin-Pissy!… Al Zawahiri Disses Abdul Aziz!

Was this really necessary?
Al Qaeda #2 Al-Zawahiri disses the drag sissie-cleric of the Red Mosque in his latest release:

Your salvation is only through Jihad, so you must now back the Mujahideen in Afghanistan with your persons, wealth, opinion and expertise, because the Jihad in Afghanistan is the door to salvation for Afghanistan, Pakistan and the rest of the region. Die honorably in the fields of Jihad, and don’t live like women with moustaches and beards.

That, of course, is in reference to the Red Mosque’s fearless leader caught fleeing the clashes he started in drag, Abdul Aziz:

An image taken from the Pakistan Television shows on Thursday, July 5, 2007, the chief cleric of radical Lal mosque Maulana Abdul Aziz, who was arrested by police, Wednesday in Islamabad, Pakistan, removing his veil. The chief cleric of a radical mosque was arrested and more than 1,000 of his followers surrendered Wednesday as troops backed by armored vehicles and helicopters tightened their siege of the complex, officials said. Female police officers searching women fleeing the mosque’s seminary discovered Maulana Abdul Aziz under a black head-to-toe veil, said Khalid Pervez, the city’s top administrator. (AP Photo/PTV)

Bummmer!… It’s been a rough one for Abdul Aziz. After threatening Pakistani officials that he would never be taken alive– he is taken in a burqa!
And, now this slap from his jihadist hero!
Whew!… It’s been a rough go.

Michelle Malkin puts the big hurt on and posts the video

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