It's a Done Deal… Jesse Jackson Jr. Gifts Staff Member With $231,000 Earmark!

It’s a done deal…
** Jesse Jackson Jr. Gifts “Staff Member” with $231,000 Earmark! **

Despite a motion by Rep. John Campbell (R-CA), the democratic-led house approved $231,000 to Rep. Jesse Jackon Jr.’s (D-IL) staff member Rick Bryant for Mr. Bryant’s non-existent airport in Illinois.

229 democrats voted in favor of funding Mr. Bryant’s organization.
1 democrat voted against funding Mr. Bryant’s organization.


Roll Call 595 passed the House.

Perspectives of the Right website reported last week:

According to the list of earmarks in the Committee Report for the Financial Services Appropriations Bill, the very first request listed is from Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) for the ”Abraham Lincoln National Airport Commission.”

Sounds noble doesn’t it?… Until you realize that it’s for an airport that doesn’t exist, run by a congressional staffer on Rep. Jackson’s payroll.

According to its website, the Airport Commission “has a mandate from its members to plan, develop, finance, construct and operate a commercial airport with passenger and cargo facilities near University Park, Illinois.” In short, the Commission is dedicated to developing a third airport in the Chicago area.

Specifically, this earmark would direct $231,000 – taken from taxpayers’ pockets across America – for “Minority and Small Business Development and Procurement Opportunities.” It seems rather curious that an airport that doesn’t yet exist would need to develop opportunities for minorities & small businesses.

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It is impossible to know the reason behind each of the 32,000+ earmarks that have been requested this year. According to its own website, the Executive Director of the Lincoln Airport Commission is Richard Bryant.

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According to Housnet (internal house server) and the Congressman’s Official House website, (and several other websites) Rick Bryant is on the staff of Rep. Jesse Jackson., a website that tracks congressional staff and salaries, lists Richard Bryant as the Deputy District Administrator for Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

More HERE.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. said after the vote:

“While others pout, shout and stomp on the sidelines, Abraham Lincoln National Airport Committee continues to press forward with the only viable, comprehensive and financed plan to build the Abraham Lincoln National Airport,” he adds.

And, Jesse ought to know that for a fact!

Chicago had an article on this very controversial earmark.
The Herald News interviewed Rick Bryant for their story but do not mention that Bryant would be the one receiving the funds.

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