Iranian Blogger & Activist Help Rescue Popular Athlete- Assist in Amazing Escape From Iran!

** Iranian blogger Aryamehr is reporting that a well known Iranian athlete has escaped the regime after his brutal arrest during the May crackdown on youth in Tehran.

In an amazing story of heroism…
Iranian blogger Azarmehr and Iranian activist Afsaneh assisted the Iranian sports star in his escape.

The Iranian regime brutally attacked students and activists during a crackdown in May. (Iran Focus)

Here is the story of Pourya Fazlollahi the indoor soccer star who escaped from Iran this week as told by Azarmehr:


The regime’s answer, as always to the country’s social difficulties, is to contain people by creating sheer fear in them. Such was the audacity of the regime that it brought along state media’s photographers to film and picture the inhumane scenes of their beatings, and in order to dampen the international reaction to the graphical pictures of its barbaric nature, they claimed these were common “criminals and thugs” who had made life like hell for the local residents.

Two of those beaten in these attacks were brothers Pouria and Pouya Fazlollahi. Not only they are not thugs but they are most decent and likeable youngsters you will come across. Pouya is a national Greco-Roman style wresting champion and Pourya played for the national Iranian indoor football team. The two were local sporting heroes in their working class neighbourhood and much liked by the residents.

Yet they were targetted for the public beating campaign. Their crime was having been reported for spreading flyers in support of Reza Pahlavi. The residents who dared, protested as much as they could, but the beatings went ahead. Pouya’s whereabouts is still unknown and Pourya was beaten up so badly that he was taken to hospital after several days of being held in a secret detention centre. His friends and supporters created a near riot in the hospital and managed to help him escape from the hospital. Pourya headed straight for the borders.

In the last four weeks or so, I have been nervously worried about organising Pourya’s escape to safety. All the credit goes to my courageous friend, Afsaneh.

This lioness who has suffered 8 years in the Islamic Republic prisons and lost her right eyesight as a result of continuous beatings to her head, volunteered to bring Pouya to safety through a perilous journey.

Yesterday they both safely completed their journey. Pourya’s wrists still bear the marks left by the tight handcuffs they had put on him, but he is remarkably in high spirits, particularly after Reza Pahlavi personally called him last night and listened to his horrific plight.

(Iran Focus)
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