House Democrats Vote to Surrender- Again!

House Votes to Demean US Soldiers’ SacrificeDemocrats again do what they do best…

…Wave the democratic (surrender) flag.

Roll Call 223 to 201.
Democratic 219 to 10 for Surrender
Republican 191 to 4 Against Surrender

TOTALS– 223 to 201


Looks like another veto is on the way.
The AP:

The Iraqi government is achieving only spotty military and political progress, the Bush administration conceded Thursday in an assessment that war critics quickly seized on as confirmation of their dire warnings. Within hours, the House voted to withdraw U.S. troops by spring.

The House measure passed 223-201 in the Democratic-controlled chamber despite a veto threat from President Bush, who has ruled out any change in war policy before September.

“The security situation in Iraq remains complex and extremely challenging,” the administration report concluded. The economic picture is uneven, it added, and the government has not yet enacted vital political reconciliation legislation.

As many as 80 suicide bombers per month cross into the country from Syria, said the interim assessment, which is to be followed by a fuller accounting in September from Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. military commander in the region.

“I believe we can succeed in Iraq, and I know we must, Bush said at a White House news conference at which he stressed the interim nature of the report.

HotAir has an Iraqi families take on a US withdrawal.
Captain’s Quarters– This is Pure Politics.

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