Harry Reid: "We Must Leave Iraq – We Must Fight Al Qaeda"

Is anyone else confused and scared to death about the democrat’s make believe plan to fight Al Qaeda?

In case the democrats missed it…
This is Al Qaeda in Iraq:

They even filmed this blast so that it would be memorialized.

Al Qaeda took credit for the bombing in Makhmour, Iraq in May that killed 50 Kurds:

in fact, Al Qaeda is behind most of the larger bombings in Iraq as Bush reported today.


As President Bush announced the first gains in the surge in Iraq…
Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid begs for surrender so that the US can go fight Al Qaeda in any other country besides Iraq:

“Given President Bush’s stubborn dedication to keeping our overextended military mired in an Iraqi civil war, it is not surprising that al Qaeda has been able to reorganize and rebuild. Democrats are continuing to fight to change course in Iraq (surrender) so we can refocus our nation’s efforts on a strategy to more effectively fight terrorism.

“It is a travesty that Osama bin Laden remains at large nearly six years after the 9/11 attacks and appears to have found new sanctuary to operate freely in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border regions. The Bush Administration and most Congressional Republicans would rather stubbornly stick with a flawed strategy and fight a war that senior military leaders say cannot be won militarily, than adapt to fighting the enemy who attacked us nearly six years ago. It is essential that we dedicate our resources and attention to al Qaeda and the real threat it poses.

Umm… ** What about those 12,000 Al Qaeda members operating in Iraq, Harry?

** What about the 4,000 Iraqis killed or wounded by Al Qaeda in the last 6 months, Harry?

It sure would be nice if Harry Reid wouldn’t misrepresent the facts about Al Qaeda not being in Iraq just once in a while.

Is anyone else scared to death that democrats might be running this country soon?

Michelle Malkin liveblogged the thrashing Bush took from the WH press attack squad today.
AllahPundit posted video of the non-opinionated journalists thrashing Bush.

Update: Pete Bondurant adds:

So let me get this straight. Senator Reid is in favor of the US military invading Pakistan to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden. Is that correct? Of course nobody in the media will ask Reid this question. Nor will they ask Reid if he has suddenly forgot about the members of Al Qaeda that are in Iraq. Nor will they ask him about Al Qaeda themselves saying Iraq is the most crucial part of their war against the west. Nor will they ask him about the members of Al Qaeda who were trained in Iraq and attempted to blow up a street in London. Again Senator Reid gets a free pass from the morons in the press.

Well said.

Update 2: Jake Tapper asks Reid, “What about the Iraqis?”
Reid gives pathetic non-answer.
Via Glenn Reynolds

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