Florida Jihadist: "Allah is great-I am going to blow this place up"

Youssef Bouchlarhem shouted- “Allah is great… I am going to blow this place up.”

34-year-old Yousseff Bouchlarhem, an American citizen of Morroccan descent, was in court on Monday. (CBS47)

A Floridian was arrested yesterday after he claimed to have planted a bomb and resisted arrest.
The Religion of Peace reported:

Authorities from a terrorism task force closed off a roughly 10-block downtown area on Sunday after a man made a bomb threat.

Youssef Bouchlarhem made threatening statements in both Arabic and English saying, “Allah is great,” “I am going to blow this place up” and “Kill Me, according to Micheal Edwards, director of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Department of Investigations and Homeland Security.

A witness called authorities around 11:45 a.m. to report a man who was behaving strangely in the middle of the street.

When officers arrived and attempted to detain Bouchlarhem, he physically resisted and had to be restrained, Edwards said.

Bouchlarhem, 34, was charged with making a false report about planting a bomb and resisting police. He is scheduled to appear in court Monday.

After the judge set his bond at $750,000, Bouchlarhem asked who was supposed to pay it. So far, not much is known about Couchlarem, though his neighbors called him a nice guy with some mental problems- CBS47.
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