Faces of the Iraqi Genocide Victims

When Senate Leader Harry Reid was asked… If he thought there would be genocide following the democratic party’s plan to cut and run from Iraq– the Democratic Leader shamelessly ducked the question (VIDEO).

It obviously was not a major concern for his party in their plans to take back the White House and keep Congress in 2008. We saw on Monday in the CNN-YouTube presidential debate that Democrats are eager to surrender Iraq no matter what the cost is to the US or to the Iraqi population.

So, who are these Iraqis the democrats are so willing to offer up for a big win in ’08?… Who are these people that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are so willing to sacrifice for political gain?

Iraqi children celebrate the opening of the Liberation School building. (Hilla, Babil Province, Iraq)


Here are the genocide victims if the democrats get their wish…
45% of Iraq’s 27,500,000 people are below the age of 14.
That comes out to around- 12,375,000 IRAQI CHILDREN.

To give you a feel for who the democrats are willing to sacrifice-
Here is a video of our brave troops with these beautiful Iraqi children:

BTW- It is an AMAZING CLIP! (3 minutes plus)
These are the faces of the Iraqi genocide victims.

Are the lives of these children a fair trade for victory in ’08, Senator Reid?

Are the lives of these Iraqi children worth your seat in the House, Speaker Pelosi?
Big Hat Tip to BG & American Libertarian

Related… James Taranto reported today on John Kerry denying the slaughter in southeast Asia after the US left- and Barak Obama stating that genocide in Iraq would be preferable to America’s continued presence there.
God save the children!

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