Despite Proof… Iran Denies It Supports Iraqi Terrorists

Yesterday, the US provided extensive irrefutable evidence that Iran is supporting and training terrorists in Iraq.
It was the most extensive evidence released by US officials to date linking the Iranian Regime to the terrorist insurgency in Iraq.

US officials discussed evidence of Iranian involvement in terrorist activities in Iraq. The evidence included photos of the false ID badges carried by Iranian agent and Hezbollah leader Ali Mussa Daqduq when he was captured in Iraq and much more. (MNF-I)

The US has testimony from captured jihadists that the Iranian al-Quds force supplies the Special Groups in Iraq with weapons and funding of 750,000 to three million U.S. dollars a month.

Today Iran denied the evidence. They offered nothing to back up their arguments.
Fars News reported:


Member of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission dismissed Washington’s allegations about Tehran’s military intervention in Iraq, and charged US with leading terrorists in the Middle-East region.

“The United States has undeniable links with Terrorism in the Middle-East; Americans are leading terrorists in the region due to their ignorance and lack of knowledge,” Heshmatollah Felahat-pisheh said.

He said Americans accuse Iran of meddling with Iraq’s affairs in a bid to prepare the required ground and conditions for the terrorist operations.

The legislator reminded formation of combatant groups by the US to fight against the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan, and said that some of the same groups – now operating as terrorist cells – are still in contact with the US Central Intelligence Agency…

He described US allegations about Iran’s links with the terrorist groups in Iraq as a part of Washington’s psychological warfare and media propaganda against the Islamic Republic, and added, “But Americans are essentially in need of talks with Iran.”

Jules Crittenden notes that the Iranians are not the only one in denial.

Top Hezbollah Leader Captured in Iraq!

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