Democrats Propose Change in Constitution

Senator Charles Shumer announced today that democrats will oppose the Constitution.

Democratic Senators (L-R) Reid, Schumer and Durbin. (AFP)

The Politico reported:

New York Sen. Charles E. Schumer, a powerful member of the Democratic leadership, said Friday the Senate should not confirm another U.S. Supreme Court nominee under President Bush “except in extraordinary circumstances.”

“We should reverse the presumption of confirmation,” Schumer told the American Constitution Society convention in Washington. “The Supreme Court is dangerously out of balance. We cannot afford to see Justice Stevens replaced by another Roberts, or Justice Ginsburg by another Alito.”

Schumer’s assertion comes as Democrats and liberal advocacy groups are increasingly complaining that the Supreme Court with Bush’s nominees – Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Samuel A. Alito – has moved quicker than expected to overturn legal precedents.

Here we have Schumer announcing that democrats will change Article 2 Section 2 of the Constitution and take over the responsibility of appointing justices to the Supreme Court.

And, Congressional democrats wonder why they have the lowest approval ratings on record?

Michelle Malkin offers a reminder on how the democrats treated the last judge who was confirmed. It look something like this:

The democrats were so freekin brutal they made his wife break down in tears!

Powerline says its a coup.
Jules Crittenden has more on this new democratic “Severation of Powers.”

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