CAIR: "Rage Boy" Image Promotes Anti-Muslim Hate

Look out!… The “Rage Boy” riots may be brewing!
CAIR says, “Images of Rage Boy promote hatred towards Muslims.”
Well, not quite… Images of Rage Boy show his hatred towards non-Muslims.

The BBC comes to the rescue of the former Islamic terrorist and professional protester known affectionately as “Rage Boy”, via ROP:

Rageboy is causing something of a stir on the internet at the moment.

It is an image of the face of an angry Moslem protestor and it has been used by rightwingers in the United States to mock Islamic fundamentalists. The face appears on teeshirts and mugs.

…And, in dozens of mainstream media photos from Kashmir (see HERE)

There have been claims it is the face of one particular man and that his rights and privacy have been breached.

But the image is still being used and charged for by a group called Nose on your Face.

“Rage Boy’s” rights and privacy have been breached???
By whom?… The same media people who made him a Reuters star?
This is outrageous!… It makes you want to go out and torch an embassy or buy a “Rage Boy” mug.


The BBC has the debate with CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper and High Pankuck, aka potfry, from Nose on Your Face.

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