Attack Ad Tip #1: When Making Ad Make Sure You Have the Correct Mayor

Liberal Hillary Clinton crony and International Association of Fire Fighters, IAFF, President Harold Schaitberger, put together a pathetic 13 minute long attack ad against America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani this week.

Well, they said it was against Rudy Giuliani anyway…
But… if you listen to the first 5 minutes or so of the 13 minute attack ad you pick up that they are talking about the wrong mayor.
They blame Rudy for dropping the ball after the first World Trade Center attack.
** Sorry Libs- Rudy wasn’t mayor then!
Rudy was not New York City mayor until 1994.

Then… The attack ad goes on to blame Rudy for not ordering new walkie-talkies… until early 2001.
Since when was it the mayor’s job to order supplies for the NYFD?
Just asking.


Obviously, it was a poor example of an attack ad.

Here are a couple of tips:
** Next time- Talk with your good friend Hillary Clinton more before you complete your attack ad.
** Next time- try to focus on the correct mayor!

WASHINGTON – 14 Mar 2007 -Hillary Rodham Clinton is introduced by good friend Harold Schaitberger at the International Association of Fire Fighters, IAFF, Presidential Forum.
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Hat Tip Gekkobear

It’s beginning to look like 2004 all over again…
In the 2004 presidential campaign, in a Seattle Times article, Schaitberger admitted that the union never really considered endorsing President Bush’s re-election, even though more of the members identified themselves as Republicans than Democrats or Independents. Schaitberger also claimed that the IAFF is “really bi-partisan in our politics”, although 83 percent of the $1.8 MILLION dollars it spent in 2002 went to Democrats.

Sorry Libs… This Swiftboat Won’t Float

UPDATE: For some reason, I’m thinking “new walkie-talkies” was not the hot issue during the mayoral campaign back in ’94.

…But, that’s just me.

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