Asinine Mugabe Apologist Comment of the Day

The Zimbabwe Crisis Today- The reality is that the inflation rate is running at 3,700%, the unemployment rate is at 80%, and tens of thousands are homeless

School is too expensive for many Zimbabwean families. If they are lucky they will be able to afford the equivalent of a school term for one of their children. The others will be expected to make money to support the family. South West Zimbabwe. (Guardian May 2007)

It’s hard to imagine that some people actually think like this…
But, here’s an assinine comment from a Robert Mugabe apologist that was posted on this blog recently:

The media reports a lot of lies designed to fool the world about events on the ground in Zimbabwe. The reason the western media is reporting lies is to protect a small white minority population of Zimbabwe who want to continue to do business the old way: The old way is complete white (Britain) domination over the country’s economy and ownership of large tracts of land. This was put to an end by Mugabe. This made the British mad and now they want to destroy the country. What does this mean? Britain does not care about black people; she just wants to use them for her economical benefits. Whites stole the land in Africa from the natives and are morally wrong to condem blacks for taking it back. The land was a gift from God and African blacks have a right to take back their land. Thanks for your time—Mugabe has made a lot of mistakes but I support him 100% on the land reform program in Zimbabwe.

How does someone like this find their way to work, pay bills, bathe themselves or know that it is time to eat?

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