Another UN Broken Record

The United Nations “Peacekeeper” forces have racked up quite a record – for sexual abuse of those it’s supposed to protect.

Since the end of the Cold War, the humanitarian focus and political jockeying within the United Nations have actually become more entwined, and the UN’s ability to be a peacemaker declined. Europeans are more willing to go their own way, whatever that is, particularly having little usable military capacity or will. Russia and China exert their new mercantile diplomacy with little regard to human rights, and block those who do have such principles. The agglomeration of satraps that make up most of the rest of the members usually follow oil-money and resenting anything civilized.

To which, the Associated Press reports,

U.N. standards for selecting peacekeepers are too low, and soldiers from countries whose armies are suspected of abuse should not be considered for peacekeeping duty, the U.N.’s chief anti-torture investigator said.

U.N. special rapporteur Manfred Nowak also told the Austrian news magazine Profil in an interview for Monday’s editions that the United Nations should reconsider forming its own professional standing army.

Concerns about the quality, training and ethics of peacekeepers are growing as developing nations with questionable human-rights records increasingly send troops for international peacekeeping operations, Nowak said….

U.N. officials have said that more than 300 members of U.N. peacekeeping missions around the world have been investigated for sexual exploitation and abuse over the past three years in nations including Congo, Cambodia and Haiti.

The UN’s budget for “peacekeeping” operations has ballooned to over $5-billion this year, over 25% from the U.S., with little to show for it. Correction: The national providers of troops collect payments from the UN that are profitable.

The UN peacekeepers certainly need to clean up their act.

But, what good is a UN “professional standing army” without the will of members to go where needed, like Darfur, or with the influence of the Arab states’ caucus and their UN allies to only recognize Israel as a malefactor.

Bruce Kesler

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