A Letter From Zimbabwe- Hellish Conditions Continue

A stampede as hundreds of people throng a shopping warehouse in Harare, Zimbabwe Thursday, July 12, 2007. Following a government directive to reduce prices of basic commodities many Zimbabweans have been going on shopping sprees leaving most supermarket shelves literally empty.(AP Photo)

Andrew sends this letter from a family member still in Zimbabwe:

Here is another update from the ground in Zimbabwe. This is my brother. He did own a clothing factory there but managed to sell it a few years ago, but is stuck in Zimbabwe taking care of his aging in laws.

Thanks mate.

Forwarded from Andrew’s brother:


Still plodding here and as I’m sure you know we have eventually hit the wall. Inflation is way up into the 9000%. The government’s reaction? Blame business people. They have been sending teams of police to force factories and businesses to reduce prices. If the businesses fail to comply, the Government will take over your business. The result – No fuel is available (It was at $200,000 per litre, force reduced by government to $60,000 per litre). No basics are available and the supermarkets look like a going out of business sale. Some are already closed and the rest will follow. It has to get this bad before there can be change. Some how we survive, but it’s interesting times. I want to be here to see this guy go. I will keep you posted.

Your brother-

Schoolchildren wait in a queue for porridge in 2006, provided by the Irish aid agency GOAL through the World Food Programme to supplement the food they eat at home in Harare. The United States on Tuesday sharply denounced Zimbabwe’s price controls as “reckless” and counterproductive, and announced it would send 47,400 metric tons of additional food aid there.(AFP)

Normblog has more on the horrible conditions in Zimbabwe.

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