UN Drug Advisor Busted With Hashish

Far Out!

The busted officer works for the United Nations’ Poppy Elimination Program.
Via EYE on the UN:

An international adviser with the Poppy Elimination Programme in Kandahar, Afghanistan and consultant with the UN’s Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) pleaded innocent against possessing 0.6 grammes of hashish for personal use before a court on Tuesday.

The Public Prosecution had charged the Canadian suspect, H.W., with smuggling and possessing 0.6 grammes of hashish and two poppy seeds for personal use besides consuming hashish.

His lawyer Saeed Al Gailani of Al Gailani Advocates and Legal Consultants told the Dubai Court of First Instance: “My client is an anti-narcotics officer who cooperates with the UNODC.

“During his one-hour transit visit from Kandahar where he was on an anti-narcotics campaign, he was caught at the airport carrying the poppy seeds, which he was taking to Canada for experiments.”

Home experiments, no doubt.

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