Sen. DeMint Does Not See Immigration Bill Passing (Video)

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) sets Wolf Blitzer straight on the immigration bill.
Jim DeMint says we need to do what we already said we were going to do last year- we need to secure the border.
DeMint does not see the flawed legislation becoming law.

(Yahoo video)

Meanwhile… FOX News reports that after today’s visit by the president, GOP Senators are putting together a monster piece of legislation that they hope will help move the bill forward:

GOP negotiators of an immigration reform bill are crafting a large border security amendment with mandatory, immediate funding that they hope will assuage concerns of both Republicans and Democrats, FOX News has learned.

The senators are looking at a way to please conservatives who are skeptical Congress will ever fund the bill’s border security provisions, as well as keep Democratic negotiators on board in a last ditch effort to save the comprehensive reform bill.

It is a political tightrope fraught with peril, but the members know they need more Republican support to break through the logjam.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey “tell the bigots to shut up” Graham, a principle author of the amendment with Republican Sens. Jon Kyl and Mel Martinez, says his amendment is designed to be “a confidence builder” to address members’ concerns that ramped up border security provisions in the bill won’t, in the end, get funded.

Graham hopes to provide $4.4 billion the day the bill is signed, through an estimate in fees and fines in the current immigration bill, to be used to beef up all the border security measures in the bill, with an additional $800 million for further measures, taking from measures put forward last year by New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg who called for more investment in capital infrastructure, like unmanned aerial vehicles and new Coast Guard boats.

Ace added this: “Almost All “New” Enforcement Promises In Amnesty Bill Are *Already* Law, And Yet Entirely Unenforced”
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