Russia Kills 2 Islamists Including Former Gitmo Detainee

Another innocent turnip farmer is gunned down after his release from Gitmo.
Via Interfax and Global Incident Map:

Two men, who were on Russia’s wanted list as suspected members of illegal armed groups, were killed in a special operation near the central mosque in downtown Nalchik, the capital city of the Russian North Caucasus republic of Kabardino- Balkaria, a local law enforcement source told Interfax.

One of those killed might be Ruslan Odizhev (or Odzhiev), a former Guantanamo base prisoner, the source said.

According to Pravda, Odshiev was a suspect in the 1999 bombings of apartment buildings in Moscow and Volgodonsk and that he took part in a 2005 insurgent attack on Nalchik police facilities.

In the Bullpen has more on Ruslan and the Nalchik attacks.
Publius Pundit ponders his release from Gitmo.


UPDATE: Ruslan was not the only released Gitmo detainee who was involved in the Nalchik attacks.

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